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Which one are you interested in the most?
2050 Thyratron VCO
 54%  [ 12 ]
tube/solid state hybrid VCA
 13%  [ 3 ]
1 w push pull tube guitar amplifier
 13%  [ 3 ]
I'll take the mystery behind door # 4
 18%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 22

Author Interest
I don't have a problem with time or ability to build new products.
What paralyzes the progress is budget.
I have lots to do, and even more ideas to test, but don't have the funds to go to work.
I'd like to keep the future products around the same price,
but if there isn't volume to support the project and development of new modules, then the future modules will cost a little more than the current in production modules.

I still have some ideas from last year that I will be wrapping up and getting out there, but after those are out I will need to think about what to dedicate funds towards releasing next.

Pick one to influence the future. hihi
2050 twisted
yeah 2050 is a must after hearing/seeing it I WANT!!!!!
I would vote for VCA too...
I would love to see all of them come out! I just picked up a Amplifryer II and it is smooth as hell so I would love to see the hybrid. It seems though if you wanted to get some funds for them all I would defiantly do the 2050 VCO first and if you could keep it in the price range of the Metasonix euro stuff I am sure you would sell a lot of them. Anyways I welcome and look forward to any new Zerosum stuff to my rig! thumbs up
Damn, they all sound like good ideas that should be made available.

Too bad I've convinced myself that don't have much budget for non-DIY expansion right now,
and what I do have is in the video direction...

If you made anything available as a kit,
it would be much harder to avoid purchase.
No face plate, jacks, or pots required.
1 w push pull tube guitar amplifier sounds very interesting to me. i can't vote though, too few posts.
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