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Multiple Basses on a single track
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Author Multiple Basses on a single track
I have an idea for a track with maybe 5 bass lines. All different, but related. I'm thinking of maybe using 3 real bass guitars, and 2 synths, but I might use 5 real bass guitars if I can pull it off. I might also add a sub-bass from a synth.

I'm wondering whether anybody has any tips to make the basses sound distinct from each other without ending up with a wall of mud.
have all the notes spaced far enough apart? I dunno - I make noise
Just me
Space them around the sound space panned from left to right will help some. Different timbre on each bass will help.
Just because you're using five basses doesn't mean they have to occupy the same frequency range. Just realize they're not all going to sound distinct *and* be bowel shattering sub-basses. You can push one through some distortion/harmonic generator and then eq out the range where it overlaps with the others...or you can make one more "clicky" sounding with a fast attack and decay on the filter, etc. get creative

is there any reason you have to do this with basses?
basically have them all share a sub, then all you have to do is make sure that you high pass each sound so they dont have any sub in them. you can even stack different basses on top of one another. just pay attention to phasing.
molecularlayerinterneuron wrote:
is there any reason you have to do this with basses?

Because the more basses, the more SlayerBadger!

Previous advice is solid, slightly different timbre / processing for each track, careful stereo positioning and a little surgical eq.
Although there's also something to be said for a massive bed of sympathetically resonating low end love
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