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My wife's choreography, my sound...
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Author My wife's choreography, my sound...
Soy Sos
She just cut this together the other day. I really like it.
I think it really shows the range of her work. The audio is from a dance for camera work that we did several years ago. There's plenty of modular and noise in there.
Really enjoyed seeing this collaboration. Are the bell sounds around 3:14 samples or synthesized? They sound incredibly organic. I like the diversity in the audio. I especially like the parts around 7:00. It gives me the feel of "industry" not in the music genre sense, but of factories, and electrical buzzing, and it's interesting to hear/think that and see the athletic dance at the same time.

Great work!
Thanks for sharing! w00t
Soy Sos
Thanks guys!
Around 1:15 is treated Mbira
The bell around 3:15 is a metal plate with a PZM attached.
Some of that audio comes from a live duo performance with
myself on modular and Mbira and my partner on handmade
metal and string percussion with transducers that I also treated.
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