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Post pics of your DIY setup!
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Author Post pics of your DIY setup!
I noticed other sub-forums have this and although they have impressive systems in them, they just don't thrill me as much as seeing DIY stuff!
Now the search function couldn't find me a similar thread in Music Tech DIY so I thought why not?

I guess I'd better kick off.

This is where I'm at after about one and a half year of DIY. Please ignore the Tyme Sefari, not that I don't like it but anyway...


Dear Mod,
If a similar thread does exist, or maybe this belongs in DIY Forum Challenge (though I don't know about that), please move it to there and I'll edit the nonsense out.
i dont think we have done this yet - nice idea

Very nice systems guys! looks very productive. i'll post once i get my studio back in order.

falafelbiels: i like your tank. smile
Here is my SDIY building zone. This is an older pic. I have two more of those big gray things filled with ICs now. My o-scope is on another desk. I am switching over to an L-shaped desk since it is a little bigger.

I have an ikea drawer thingy that I store PCBs and panels in. I have been collecting them while working on my skills.

Here is my at home etching setup in this thread. ing

I guess I don't have a lot of pics of my builds because most of them are at various stages of stuffing and wiring. I'll have to post a few when I get a little further.

...soothing candle FTW.

Guinness ftw!
I don't have any good pics of my workspace at the moment, but here's my in-progress DIY synth (I've posted these around before):

Coppersynth, October 2010 by parasitk, on Flickr

Coppersynth patched by parasitk, on Flickr

Coppersynth patched by parasitk, on Flickr

I have the 292c clones and Mankato done. The Mankato doesn't work at the moment and I have no idea why. I'm in the middle of wiring the Living VCOs right now.

Next year I start a second row after I've moved and have my workspace all set up again! sad banana
It got stickied even! w00t For a minute I couldn't find it anymore huhuh...

I really love the live rig you're working on. The ultimate in SDIY or somewhere damn near!

The Leman Russ or the Land Raider? The Land Raider is pretty DIY and belongs in the pic really. Too bad it will never be finished...

That is ridiculously neat! My place looks like an outhouse. Get wiring man!

That is ridiculously beautiful...
No kidding. So much wiring to do!

Another thing I added to the little work area was a true HEPA filter. It is awesome at sucking up the solder fumes. I basically solder right in front of it and don't have to open the window. I picked up the idea from a post here, I believe, and a recommendation on the filter by xart's post.

Coppersynth is unbelievably beautiful isn't it? Actually, I'm always impressed by all the amazing DIY panel styles. Pretty inspiring stuff.
decaying.sine: NOW THAT'S A CLEAN SPACE !! wow. i wish my benches could be that clean. >_<
haha same

mine become that clean about once per quarter and then they slowly become a landfill. good idea with the air filter. you would really need it in that space looking at the angle of the wall

i like to see that other people patch up their unfinished modules just to see what it looks like when in operation smile
It's an attic room and you are correct about the ceiling angle. The DIY desk I am switching to is beside the window in the same room, but that little filter sucks up everything even on the lowest setting. It's been a nice surprise and addition.

I do need to finish up my stuff so I can show off my lovely burgundy MOTM 5U cabinet.

I have a matching cabinet that is modcan A format. I am going to do some panel designs for that one in anodized blue to match my MegaOhm built modules. Phi's got a great design style and I am going to DIY with that in mind.
I thought we had already done this, but I guess not! This is a few months old...

and the scary hole in my garage I put the stuff together...

i think we have done the workspace thing but not had a thread to show off DIY synths. here is one side of my workspace (the other side has a drillpress and a shelf full of components)

Luke. Great curtains. David Lynch fan?
smile - i think some days i probably make as much sense at a lynch film

i got these curtains from an op shop for party decor but they were so nice they mostly lived in my house with the odd excursion once in awhile for special installations.
Great idea for a thread - You all have great looking setups, but jeese sduck, that's a beautiful system..

Here's my modular a few months back - I got all the empty spaces filled with modules a week or two ago... But I still have a backlog of projects which may mean starting a new cab.

this is a bit old but you get the idea

i wish i had coloured patchcords.............. d'oh!
What is that thing in the bottom pic, Andrew?
Rod Serling Fan Club
wow, crazy setups. So far all my DIY modules are lying strewn about waiting for a case. I can't decide what kind of case I want to make, stained wood, tolex, I dunno...
if i had the chance again i think i would have not made my big wood case
even though making that case was so satisfying

the angled mixer rack cases are the best as you can use them so many ways
you can sit them on bench vertical or horizontally - you can take them out of your studio - you can put your racks effects in there. so useful

(i was 100% influenced by spbaker here)

this is my gig rig now
rico loverde
holy shit AndrewF thats a sic set up. love the mannequins...didnt realize you had done those. seen some pix of em before i believe. very colorful!!!
falafelbiels wrote:
What is that thing in the bottom pic, Andrew?

it is recycled from a PKE studio mixer (as is most of that synth).
It is now a 20 stage 'binary-programmed' sequencer. Each column of push switches is wired to be an 8-bit selector.

The remaining 8 columns of push switches are used to set up programmable gate outputs from the Milton.
im not sure if i have asked this before but how they hell do you wire stuff inside the mannequins? it must be hard to mount everything but to wire it then makes it seems impossible. do you slice them open first?
its a real shit trying to wire down in the crotch region......
basically made a door out of the back (same for the back of the head)
the boards are stacked and bolted all over the place

we have put lights and piece of mirror inside them before and it was a nightmare - i was always blown away by how much sweat and tears (and swearing) it would have been to make your ones
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