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Which reverb was used on YMO's Solid State Survivor?
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Author Which reverb was used on YMO's Solid State Survivor?
Just curios, I've love the sound they had on that album, is that the Lexicon 224 or something else?
I'm sure some of the hardcore Japanese fans know. I wouldn't assume it was digital. I'll give it a spin. Both the 224 and 250 have a character that's easy to spot.

Most serious studios of the day would have a plate (and the really big ones had roons & chambers though I wouldn't assume that for YMO), as well as some of the larger springs that don't sound like smaller springs.

One thing we know is they would go into a commercial studio and record. So they were more like bands of the day rather than some of the electronic acts with private studios, like Tomita, Vangelis, etc. Both of them bought their own 224 by the end of the decade but not before making many records with really wonderful pre-digital reverb.
tokyocat wrote:
I really recommend her "Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex" OST releases, they have some great tracks.

OTT, but I love the track at the start with the operatic vocals. It's the shit
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