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Electronotes 115 Filter Bank (Questions)
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Author Electronotes 115 Filter Bank (Questions)
I've been thinking if i should try to build this 39channels Filter Bank ,maybe with 24channels to start , but reading the paper ,and the schematics i wonder if it would work to have attenuators after the summing resistors as i don't want all the channels going on at once ? ,i know this might be silly question ,i just wonder how it will affect the whole if some freq are at 40% or something ,already drew a little PCB for 12 channels of it
.. very frustrating as i read thru the second paper .. "it is not practical" ,however Bernie speaks of making variations in how one is summing the filters ,so i think i might try that
Have you considered building Haible String filter? It's EN115 based and you don't have to start from scratch
not really , i kind of like this one as it is ,i added option for 3 alternative outputs from it ,and it's 3 PCB's ,hopefully i build it at some point ,i used a resonaant eq before and thinking to make one of those again as that synth is gone ,Jurgen Haible's designs are amazing but i try to cut the cost when i can ,this is anyways not really a cheap module , i see the capacitors at 1% are well priced
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