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Dunno -- Eurorack B266 Source of Uncertainty clone
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Author Dunno -- Eurorack B266 Source of Uncertainty clone
I'm releasing the Eagle files for this project with a few strings attached.

Firstly, please don't sell either the boards, or the finished project, for profit. Group buys are fine, as are selling your spares to cover costs. Doing one for someone who hates soldering is fine. Doing a few dozen and charging a few hundred bucks a pop each is not.

Secondly, please don't email or PM me for help. This is a complex project. I've tried to simplify it, somewhat -- each board is for a separate segment -- but it's still a hell of a lot of stuff. Take each thing step by step and be careful. Post in this thread if you want a hand. I do not guarantee a working build, that is up to you.

Some rare parts are needed for this --
CD4006 shift register
2x VTL5C3 vactrols
2x VTL5C3/2 vactrols
Electric Druid NOISE1B chip
CA3080 OTA
JFET of some sort, observe pinout for J2xx type fet

For Board A and B, some alternate resistor values are suggested, if the first value is not easy to get.

Use low profile electrolytic caps, of less than 9mm or 10mm height.

5 boards?! That’s awesome though. Maybe grayscale can do a panel?
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