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Korg MS10 Modulation on Low Notes
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Author Korg MS10 Modulation on Low Notes
I'm in the process of repairing an MS10 and I noticed that there is a modulation effect on some of the very lowest notes. It is independent of waveform type & not related to the LFO. The frequencies of the notes in question are around 50Hz (measured on scope), so I thought perhaps it might be a beat frequency with the mains supply (this is in the UK which has 50Hz supply). I was wondering if anyone who had experience of the MS10 could tell me whether this was normal for this synth as I've no previous experience of one.

The sound clip is playing up the natural notes from the lowest F for two octaves on the lowest (32') range. The modulation can be heard on the A and B notes (3rd and 4th notes on the clip as well as 10th and 11th though less obvious at higher frequency - the synth isn't tuned, hence A & B are sounding at slightly lower frequencies than standard).
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