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NLC Triple Sloth Troubleshooting
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Author NLC Triple Sloth Troubleshooting
Hey all! Apologies if there's a better place for this thread. I'm quite new here and although I scoured the forum for some time I couldn't find anyone talking about a comparable issue.

Long story short, I recently put together a DIY build of a NLC Triple Sloth and I've found that when I plug it into my PSU (Intellijel TPS80W) it not only doesn't turn on but it also prevents the rest of my modules from turning on. From what I'm seeing it has somehow stopped +12V and -12V from flowing and only leaves the +5V LED working. It doesn't seem to be a power draw issue (I have a 6U case that isn't even full) as this same problem happens whether there are many modules connected or the Sloth is the only module connected. Additionally none of my other modules have caused any problems whatsoever with this PSU.

So I guess my main question is, what electrical issue is occurring here and what sort of specific build errors could I have made that would be causing this problem? I used to repair cellphones full time and I've put together 8 perfectly functioning modules at this point so I'm reasonably confident in my building skills. Thanks a ton in advance for any tips! I really love working with electronics and I'm eager to broaden my knowledge.
have you checked for a short in the module? (+ve to ground/-ve to ground)

have you checked that the cable is in correctly? (red stripe matches negative on the pcb header)

and that the cable itself is correct? (red stripe matches tiny triangle at both connectors)
Noodle Twister
If your absolutely sure it's not the power draw of the modules take at look at the solder joints of the IC's with some magnification. They may just need a touch more solder or a reflow. Check for solder bridges too.
If your +12V or -12V from the supply all won't power the other modules, it's pretty likely your NLC is shorting one of those and the power protection is tripping. Look for shorts regarding power. Double check there's not something weird like a trace or component that is rubbing metal rails etc by trying the powerup holding the NLC in your hands by the panel and not having it bolted into the case.
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