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Best sliders?
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Author Best sliders?
For an upcoming Euro DIY project I'm looking for recommendations on the "best" sliders. Preferably something that can be had on Mouser, and as long as 100 mm, but not too wide.

There are some Bourns that could fit the bill and cost around $2.50 a pop. Is there anything significantly "nicer" / more "premium" than those?

I've looked over on Modulargrid and the fanciest modules with sliders are Fumana and Verbos stuff but I couldn't find info on what sliders they use (also I'd go for longer ones)

Ive used these in some previous projects (100mm, low profile) nice action. 5l1F4XBU%252BHqFspl9c6WVu6BOY2r2ro%3D

The feel of these slide potentiometer is smooth and light, not heavy like some others.
we use Bourns PTF series sliders on all of our slide pot modules:

They are 60mm sliders and they are about as big as you can fit in 3U going vertically. Remember that the bodies are quite a bit longer than the throw of the slider. The 60mm slide pots have bodies that are almost 3.5" long and the typical 100mm slider is easily over 5" long.

The Bourns feel very nice. Very fast and smooth. They also have a 100,000 cycle life so will work for a long time. Worth it price-wise though you typically have to buy a few to make it easier to swallow.

Big hint - spend some time matching the slide pot shaft to the slider cap you tend to use. Buy samples of each and check them out. I had to snip off the shaft length on mine to make the caps feel good at the right height and not wobble any. Triple check this before buying a lot of them.
Thanks for the input!
It seems indeed that there is not much (non-custom) to select from between 60 and 100 mm travel - the shortest 100 mm travel pot I could find has total length 117 mm while the typical Euro case specs seem to have not much more than 112 mm clear inter-rail-space very frustrating
Uhm, yeah but you could also make a very wide module and use the sliders horizontally.
search64 wrote:
Uhm, yeah but you could also make a very wide module and use the sliders horizontally.

that is true, but wouldn't work well for what I intend (EQ curve). Should have specified
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