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Roland PG-200 replacement pots
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Author Roland PG-200 replacement pots
Anyone know of a source of replacement pots for this? The originals are an unusual design - 16mm, vertical PCB mount, but with the track on the bottom and the bushing crimped to the top of the metal shell. There is a seperate bracket, held in place by the crimping of the case to the base. The only other place I've seen them is in the Jupiter 6.

I've looked for alternative snap in 16mm pots, and they just don't seem to exist any more!
I was planning to try the P160KN2 series, knurled, 100k and whatever height is needed.
Seems like legs will bend in position. No body legs, but otherwise a fit.
Thanks. I've found some of the original type on vintage synth shop, but they are rather expensive. I ordered one to see if it's any good and if it has I part number that I can put into Google should I need some more. My newly acquired PG-200 has one broken pot (bushing popped out of case), but a few others are slightly bent, and may no longer make proper contact - I can't test yet as one of the electrolytics had blown it's bottom and so am awaiting replacement caps too.

If I do manage to find a reasonably cheap supply, I'll post it on here. If not, and it turns out that I need more than one, I'll go with your suggestion. I was concerned about wobble with the lack of the base legs, but I guess it would be possible to wrap a thick wire around the bushing and solder it in the holes, ala x0xb0x encoder.
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