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IKEA Jerker desk sliding keyboard stand conversion
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Author IKEA Jerker desk sliding keyboard stand conversion
I'm moving soon and am going to have less space to sprawl out my keyboards so I modified an old IKEA desk to stack 4 keyboards on slidable shelves. I didn't worry too much about looks on this one but it works well, isn't too heavy, and can easily be moved to the new house smile

Nice, how far out do the shelves come out?
The shelves are 16" deep and they extend their full length!
IKEA Rast Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat.
But why is the top-shelf also made to slide out? eek!
Grumble wrote:
But why is the top-shelf also made to slide out? eek!

It probably doesn't need to but I had the slides and thought if I want to have a couple slide out at the same time it might still be handy to be able to pull the top synth closer.

The feet stick out as far as the shelves so I think I can have multiple shelves out without it tipping, and slide others back if they're in the way.

If I play with it for a while I'm sure I'll find things I'd change for version 2.
Very cool mod. If these desks were still available, I'd be looking at this pretty closely. I'm also moving house soon and will have a smaller studio space, at least temporarily. I'd love to find a similar sliding shelf solution.
Jerkers come up used pretty frequently. I paid about $50 for this. All in after hardware and wood I probably spent $250 on this stand and much more time than my wife wanted me to smile

I'm gonna try to assemble a BOM and some basic details around the plans at some point, but basically I used 8x 16" drawer slides from Princess auto, got 2 16" deep 8ft shelves, cut them down to 2 16" X 45.5" shelves each.

Each junction is a 16" 1x6 with a slide positioned about an inch from the bottom, then on the other side of that slid is a 16" 2x2.

I bought thread inserts to fasten the bolts to for holding the junction to the metal Jerker bar and for holding the shelf to the 2x2.

Sliders: ng-drawer-slides/A-p8587743e

Thread inserts: U/ref=pd_nav_hcs_rp_1/130-5587436-7748755?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B002K T43MU&pd_rd_r=fd5ab953-8e4a-4629-9464-bb196980f884&pd_rd_w=5BUUE&pd_rd _wg=320fp&pf_rd_p=7c6b4923-2638-4463-8db6-cee4eef9a0cc&pf_rd_r=FFNGPSH YRD2J8AKYT3PZ&psc=1&refRID=FFNGPSHYRD2J8AKYT3PZ

For the thread inserts, I used a bolt with two nuts backed onto each other to help position them, used wood glue to help hold them in place, and I would strongly advise using a template for your drill holes to ensure all 4 bolts fit smoothly. Getting the bolt holes correct for attaching to the Jerker frame was by far the hardest part and was aided greatly once I realized I could use the mount from one of the swing shelves from my desk as a template for the bolt holes.
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