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Buchla DIY - Digital Modules
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Author Buchla DIY - Digital Modules
Buchla DIY PCB/panel
Digital oscillators - redesign of Braids & Rings & Clouds

I have 1x Soundscape oscillator available only

(Not redesigned by me)
$50 AUD per PCB/panel set, approx $35USD
Shipping approx
$15 AUD non tracked
$30 AUD Tracked

2HP = 1HPx2 pcb/panel

Considered an advanced build, help only from community pages. ie Unsuccessful mutable build thread.

Do not approach designer or redesigner for help.

Feel free to register your interest. Shoot me a message.

What is people thoughts on Buchla black panels?
If you could have an entire black Buchla system would you?
It looks good, but I personally like the 200 style (silver with blue knobs). Thats how I also do Buchla 100 modules. For this thing I would order a silver Panel...
An all black system would look nice, but given the majority of systems are comprised of the anodized raw and blue, I think more people would prefer traditional.
If there was enough interest I either have, or have access to quite a lot of Buchla 200 series & could make a black panel system. So it's cool to know if there is anyone interested in this sort of thing.
When I eventually get to building a Buchla system, it will be all black.
OB1 an all black system would be epic!!!
I'd prefer to see some indication on the panel about what it is and who designed it - giving credit where credit is due. But I'm not your market for these, so whatever.
black panels look awesome
I may be mistaken but it looks like the “String Oscillator” PCB is missing the drill holes for all the banana socket. If so, this board would be impossible to build.
...not if you have a step bit.
I have only one Soundscape Oscillator available

Otherwise feel free to shoot me a message to register interest.
About a month ago I asked this guy via Facebook not to sell panels and PCBs for these projects. And yet, here we are again, with a new PCB added to the list.

These are ersatz copies of the Buchla-format modules that I designed for which are derived (with permission) from Mutable Instruments open source hardware.

Two of the three PCBs being sold here will not work without custom firmware. The seller asked me, after putting these panels and PCBs up for sale on Facebook, if any custom firmware was required.... hmm.

The seller appears to be trying to dump unusable excess inventory onto unsuspecting builders who have no way of finishing the projects.

If you want to make money from someone else's work without permission or credit, the least you could do is verify that what you're selling actually works.
Quote in regards to firmware

Buchla-compatible adaptations of Mutable modules
PostPosted: Thu Jul 27, 2017 3:29 pm
sempervirent wrote:
The PCB design files will be shared in their native formats, along with any modified source code.

This is mentioned in the first post of the thread, although if "source files" seemed ambiguous, hopefully that's clarified now.

PCBs no longer available
Locking this down. VirusInstaller, please contact me as this advert and the ones for the Performer sequencer seem suspect.
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