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new track, XY coincident pair recording
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Author new track, XY coincident pair recording
not an amazing patch i know. i'm trying to experiment with various stereo recording techniques. this is XY, the next one will be a spaced omni pair (maybe a jecklin disk if i get it together).

i think so far, that i prefer Mid-Side, but i haven't (and don't have the gear yet) tried ORTF or the other one that's similar to ORTF.
You could also try mixing a direct recording with a recording from the back of the room. I've even tried mixing direct with recordings I made under my desk or behind the monitors. Sometimes the idea is to get a "quality recording" and sometimes the recording itself can be part of the sound you're after and wielded creatively.

I really dig the sound you got on this recording by the way. At least I can say it captures my imagination, which is the point I'd imagine.
thanks! and good idea, the mic was about 4 feet from the amps, your idea sounds good, i'm assuming i'll need to add a smidge of delay to the close microphones. i don't really want to go direct (unless i reamp) as some of my amps sound cool.
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