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Happy Upheaval Day?
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Author Happy Upheaval Day?
Having an upheaval here for reals. If the fire crosses Hwy 29 and ruins Lakeport, Metasonix might be out of business for a while. I've packed all the important parts, some assembled modules, and a year's worth of NOS tubes in the car. Already arranged a place to stay.

Waiting to see if the sheriff orders the evacuation of downtown Lakeport--for the first time in something like 80 years. It is VERY unlikely, they will fight like hell to keep the county seat from burning, because all the major facilities are here, along with the homes of most of the "important people". Hwy 29 was originally built in 1971 partly to act as a firebreak to protect the town, it's never had a real test until today. county
Shit, just shit....Stay safe.
Can you take refuge on that giant lake?

Is that a thing? Or do authorities always make you leave the state?
Scary !
Be safe, Eric! So sorry you're having to go through with that.
I don't know what to say other than a heart felt best of luck brother to you, your family, and your community (even though my thoughts and wishes are futile in the face of mother nature and how it laughs in the face of humanities hubris). No matter what happen when the dust settles please keep making awesome filth
Yes Powder
Shit dude, hope everything works out for the better. Be safe!
City of Lakeport ordered to evacuate. cry
Crap. Hope everyone is okay, and they get those fires under control quickly.
Just want to echo what everyone else has been saying. My sincere best wishes you and your family. Out of business for a while or not, rest assured that we'll be here waiting when you get back!

Take care!
be safe!!
Smart to get out of there for now...….
Am currently in an old FEMA trailer on Kath's mother's land on Cobb Mountain. If you are going to be a refugee, this is not bad. Very solidly built, air conditioning, hot and cold running water, and reasonably clean. With a nice view of Callayomi Valley. The few neighbors are very distant--partly because this area was burned up in the 2015 fire, and many of them didn't rebuild, they just sold their land and left. DAMN its quiet up here.

Disadvantages: phone and internet only by wireless service plan, and very slow. Everything in Cobb is slow, in fact. Not much to do esp. on these angry-hot summer days. No TV signals. Air is polluted thanks to the fires, despite being more than 30 miles away.

Lakeport is sitting totally untouched by the fire--but vacant except for cops and the occasional lunatic burglar. Weather is cooling off which will greatly help firefighters. Now being told the earliest the evacuation will be lifted is August 6 or 7.

Someone tell Schneider his order will be delayed. And ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Great you're safe and Lakeport is untouched.
Fingers crossed. thumbs up
Glad you are safe and I hope you place remains untouched by fire!
Glad to hear you're safe and that you will most likely be back home fairly soon and get back to normal!
I hope the fire stays away
We were allowed to return to Lakeport today--the town looks totally untouched. Although the hills to the west and southwest were obviously incinerated. Metasonix will try to do shipments next week--many businesses are closed, including the USPS.

(Now you can feel sorry for people on the lake's north shore. They are under mandatory evacuations. Damn fire is moving very fast to the east. A good chance Lucerne, Long Valley and High Valley will go up tonight. Bartlett Springs has been fried yet again--there was already nothing left of it because of continued arson 10-20 years ago.)

normally i would wish to give u ALL of Vancouver's rain at a time like this...... but even we are having a drought. eek!
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