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Anyone else here do theater sound design?
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Author Anyone else here do theater sound design?
Soy Sos
a lot of intense work, but fun and turning out really well.
I just learned and am using Q Lab, a perfect tool for this application.
This show has around 125 single and complex cues. There is some original
modular synth content too. Funny enough in a scene where the main character
is going nuts and in an insane asylum.

Opening night is tonight and runs for 4 weeks. If anyone in the are is interested in going, I can get artist rate tickets.
Congrats! Sounds like a great project. nanners

No, I don't do such things myself but know some people who loved to do this kind of stuff. sad banana

Listening to Cage's Five Stone Wind now.It's peanut butter jelly time!
Just me
I did it in the late 70's. I imagine it is a lot easier now, but conversely, more complex because of the technology. No matter what, it is hard work to do well and very satisfiying when it is done well.
i did stuff for a couple of amateur theatre productions when i lived in london. definitely hard work but i really enjoyed the experience. it was all fairly low budget. most fun was rigging up my own ghetto quad sound system, using a mixer and two amplifiers, and watching the audience's heads turn when i swooshed sounds around during the shows.
Never done theater, but I have performed as an accompaniment to modern dance performances a number of times, but it was all improv so no cues to worry about.
Soy Sos
Opening night was just lovely.
Audio and lighting went off well with very few errors.
It's just great having it come together so well.
The cast was great too. I'm just glad I'm not the operator.
Running the show every night after a month of build
would be just too much!
Scott Rise of Division-6 has been doing technical theater for a long time.
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