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Easy-Sounding Production
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Author Easy-Sounding Production
Some production sounds easy. It may not be. It could be that the producer just makes it seem so easy--the patches, the arrangements, the effects, etc.

Meanwhile some production sounds labored. For example no matter how catchy or tight a Radiohead, Aphex Twin, or Tim Hecker song might be, when I think of the production I visualize hours and hours poring over a mixing board, re-recording, laboring over patches. By contrast when I put on Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith everything seems so straightforward and simple--almost obvious.

Do you think easy-sounding production is just misleading and it's more a comment on the feeling of the music? Or is it perhaps that it is comparatively easy for those producers but it took them endless hours of practice to have the skills and command where production is relatively easy?
I think its the multi-track editing vs single take approach. While I have no idea how Smith actually records, it has a very one-take feel for me - all the parts are arranged in the patch and then everything is recorded as a whole. She comes from a classical background, so she might put more emphasis on the score, or the patch, over editing and studio-fx.

Personally I am 90% one takes now with occasional overdubs of acoustic instruments, which is liberating. I feel I can hear it in my productions. They tend to be simpler but are also more direct and relatable.
The performance element could definitely be a big part of that on her recordings. I'm kind of jealous as I've never come close to 90% one take and probably never will!
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