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Roland TR-606 + Ableton
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Author Roland TR-606 + Ableton
I just got a 606 a week ago, my first true analog drum machine. I'm trying to process the sounds to fatten up the kick a bit through Ableton and am wondering if anyone else has this set up. Currently I'm using the 1976 compressor in Ableton as well as a bit of EQ, getting pretty good results. Does anyone have any recommendations?

I'm planning on modding it with individual outs later in the month, so that will definitely help.
I like to really smash my kicks with the compressor to get that oomph going, depending on the style I'm making. Threshold about -12 to -18, ratio anywhere from 8:1 to inf, attack at 40-75ms and release to taste. I also usually make a 3-6db boost at 60hz for some more meat - the 606 kick really benefits from this imo. To really do anything serious to the kick though you'll have to sample it or get the individual outs mod, since the above settings would probably sound like crud if applied to all the drums.
thanks for the advice, i'm going to try it out tonight, although without my individual outs i don't think i can achieve a whole lot. Almost sounds perfect though as is.
Rough Rider is free and it will squash the crap out of some drums. I use it on the TR-606 at times.
I'm really enjoying this rough rider plug-in, it's making the 606 sound so hard! Thanks! SlayerBadger!
Soy Sos
also just grabbed Rough Rider.
Very cool vintagey compressor plugin.
Sounds really good, Audio Damage makes good shit too.
Nice of them to give it away.
how to make an 606 kick like its an 808 :

take a very narrow notch EQ. Like Q factor 20 or more ( or 24db or more)

Boost the EQ with 10-20 db so thats like a needle on your EQ GUI.
Then move the needle in the 40-60Hz range untill you hear your concrete walls crumbling....done
thanks for the advice septci, spent an hour or so and I think I have what I want. Great advice!
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