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Anyone's filters able to do this?
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Author Anyone's filters able to do this?
I've been trying to get close to this laser sound for a while without a ton of luck. close but not close enuf. thanks guys I appreciate any input even if its utter bullocks hihi

(sorry about the BOC thing) sound comes in at 1:04
I'd really like to know the answer too.
(never be sorry about posting a BOC song!)
Oh I'm certainly not sorry about posting about a BOC song.. its when it gets into production techniques that things go south because there are so many threads dedicated to it over the interwebz. Thats all.. and I hate to be nuisance.
sure, kraftwerk used to do those all the time!

filter set to very high resonance so it self resonating, very short snappy envelope into the cutoff cv, tweak the cutoff knob and and amount of env to find the sweet spot. this patch can also make very nice deep electro kick drums too. it's all in teh tuning!

follow with a VCA (or not) to taste.
I do this by using two VC filters, with the CV driven by triangle waves from LFO. My LFO (Oakley triple) has a shape control which makes getting punchy spurts pretty easy. I like to use both of my filters in serial (wish I had more!) whenever I'm trying to emphasize resonance.
cool guys thanks.. as soon as I get my power supply I should be able to try this with my oakley and motm filters.
Yeah I've always called this a Kraftwerk thwap. You can here them doing what Babaluma mentions on this track very clearly, but the cutoff's a little lower than the example you played so it's kind of a tom sound beneath the thwap:

I'd knew I'd heard the effect before but not done quite to this effect but then that is BOC in many ways... taking it and upping the ante on the production.
just about ANY self-oscillating LP filter should be able to do this.
Moog LP filters (or reasonable facsimile) work great from what i've done in the past but theres no reason why other types of LP filters couldnt be used. Hell, i've even done it with my QMMG!
Q-snap, is what I've always called it. Think I saw it in a sample library ages ago.
c´mon boys this sound is the all-times classic "zap"
emdot_ambient wrote:

this post warms my heart! computerworld is my favorite album ever! i just can't get enough of it since i first heard it back in the 80's. it's brilliant! Lotsa Love
i remember it being referred to in GM as "hi-q" and in sample libraries as "zap" sound names are fun
Chuck E. Jesus
from the stuff i have or have used, the Pro One seems to always be the one to beat at filter sweep zaps/kicks...
use the multi channel of the Vermona DRM1 smile


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