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I could be wrong but...
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Author I could be wrong but...
I don't know if it's because I clicked to get a notification of when it was back in stock. But, can't see the snowfall listed on the store anymore. Perhaps it's getting revised or something. Anyone got any insight into this? No panic or nothing not ready for more filters for some time yet.
There are a few more that disappeared: AM8125 VCO and the Athena VCO, AM8145 ADSR. Probably they're not going to get built anymore...
I was wondering what happened to the AM8125 VCO - saw that it disappeared off the page a couple of days ago!

Amsynth stuff nails that classic vintage sound better than most in Eurorack, so I hope Rob keeps releasing his creations! I would love to see his take on Roland diode ladder filter from System 100 or Sh-5, if Snow Fall is no more then I hope he's moved onto the Sh-5 filter that has been in the works for a few years.
Kinda hoping it's because they're being revised or something, seems a big shame if we never see them being made again crossing my fingers that we do.
Oh the answer was actually under my nose all along. In a thread a few down...
emuarc wrote:
Hi, I am working on an ARP2500 replica during the summer, so only a few modules are in production, the 8109/8060/8012. I do plan to make some SnowFall Mark 4 filters in 2016 with EMS knobs...
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