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Post by knobtechnology » Mon Nov 26, 2018 11:04 am

News Week three and new VC LFO test
Great news friends!

Everything goes according to plan!
I still adjust the parameters, and prepare the production documentation.
Next week will begin the manufacture and order of the necessary spare parts.

I also shot a short video test of the new Muscarin VC LFO

As always. I am available for any questions! And thank you!

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Post by knobtechnology » Thu Jan 03, 2019 5:48 pm

The end of development. Start of production.
Dear friends! Good news!
As some of you know, while funds were transferred and I was waiting for measuring devices. I decided to make some nice changes to add more features to the synthesizer.

So what was added:

- Instead of a simple LFO, appeared a new VC LFO, Review and test on our YouTube channel.
It has 2 modes of operation: 0.16-120Hz and 0.076-60Hz. On the panel will be added to the speed control via a touch pad.

- Envelope generator has been improved, in retrigger mode, it can generate triangle and saw (up \ down) waves, with speeds similar to LFO.
There will also be a touch pad launch envelope. Two mode slow\fast.

- Improved management of generators and the core as a whole. 1v \ oct supports 4 low octaves, further control without limits
but it does not correspond to 1v \ oct, although quite linear.

- Parallel to the VCA\gates, added linear volume control of each generator, for greater accuracy.

- The most important innovation:
Developed a new optical VCF. When designing i wanted to keep the character of the resonance of the last filter, but to radically improve the parameters of the cutoff. I managed to do everything planned.

Test materials: signal from 1x Muscarin VCO to VCF ... scarin-vcf

New filter works like LP or HP. In two modes: standard close work to the previous filter. And work with a large number of distortions.

- Reduced noise and interference effects.

- On the panel added another 5 connector: 1 for CV control LFO, 4x separate VCO's output.

- Added setting to control the brightness of the backlight.

- On the panel will have another potentiometer with which you can influence the depth of the touch pad.

- The PCB will be completely redrawn. Sizes will change, but only slightly.

Now I have already started ordering parts. Soon I will publish the final version of the design of the device. Unfortunately It took more time than expected, but I really hope you enjoy the updated version.

As always, for any questions I am available by mail or on Facebook.

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Post by knobtechnology » Sun Feb 17, 2019 3:59 am

New big update our campaigns

A Million Little Pieces
Latest news:

I had to completely rework the entire device because, of the large number of added features. This was hard, this A Million Little Fibers :D

but I managed to do everything.

3D render PCB


What has been added in the final version:

- all previous improvements

-Standardized size to 48hp, or 242mm x 128,5mm.

- All settings are available without disassembly. Added holes for access to trimmers. (4x osc tune 1v\oct trimmers, lfo rate bias trimmer, out max voltage trimmer)

And important addition:

Some of you have asked me to add outputs for each oscillator.

But I developed hybrid inputs\outputs. How it works.
Each oscillator can be out separately. Or you can alternatively use each of the four paths for an external signal. Or mix the signals from Muscarin with any other. The mixing level will depend on the amplitude of the input signal.

Small demonstration:

And very important addition:

A large number of opportunities requires more control. A transparent acrylic panel very nonstandard, but many do not like screws as pads, and because of the large number of holes decreased panel strength. I worked on it.

And designed a new panel, at the core of the PCB.


Light indication of the work is saved through the gaps in the PCB. For the convenience of playing in the dark, all pads will be highlighted.



Pads OSC\LFO have 3 zones. Top,mid, bot mid +top= frequency up, mid+ bot=freq low. For gates Pads mid + top=gate open, mid+bot gate closed. Eg Pad launch EG work. Impulse time = Hold Time.

When the panels are ready, there will be an additional video about it.

All pads will be covered with immersion gold (ENIG)

What is now ready, and what's next.

Now, during two days,it's very important for me to get feedback from all the backers. Do you agree with the new panel design. Acrylic panels are also available, but I think it's a step back. As soon as the problem with a new design is solved, production of panels and pcb's will start immediately.

Write me on or on my fb page

I already got all the electro-mechanical parts. And still waiting small and rare parts.

Dear backers thank you for waiting, I think the next update will be ready with the final device. Hooray!

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Post by Nelson Baboon » Sat Oct 26, 2019 11:08 pm

I had forgotten that I preordered one of these. I just got an email that mine has shipped. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that it was coming and my shipping address has changed. Hope it's forwarded.

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Post by ugerhard » Wed Nov 13, 2019 5:41 am

I received mine this week after waiting two weeks for customs to process the package... After playing around with the Muscarin for two evenings I recorded a short demo video/performance (playing only, no talking).

I tried to use most of the functions and interface components, but still stay at least somewhat musical with it.


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