Hmmm...Wiard vs. Buchla

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Hmmm...Wiard vs. Buchla

Post by plord » Wed Jul 16, 2008 5:17 pm

Mike Peake's FS notice on several forums, for mostly complete kits for the utterly unobtanium king's ransom Buchla 296 and also the Buchla 281, set me off to searching teh intarwebs. For the 296, there is almost no data. Plenty for the 281, though (apparently, there was a 281 clone project on, and...

Well, crap, it's "only" another Dual Slope kind of circuit! The 281 is four AR/ASR envelopes with all the usual tricks, plus a "quadrature" circuit, end pulse out, and an OR function. And probably 137 non-obvious functions, as is true with any variant of this circuit. CRAZY DENSE pcb and panel, but...not so damned mysterious at all, unlike much of the other Buchla stuff.

Put another way, it's two dual Envelators :) You can mimic the quadrature and OR functions by shorting the positive env outputs together (there are two per side to allow for this sort of thing) or shorting the end outs together. Grant has said the Wiard was supposed to be a cross between a 2600 and a Music Easel in functionality. The Buchla influence gets more clear all the time. The Envelator is 1/2 of a 281. The Classic VCO has a random out that mimics the 266 Source of Uncertainty, and the Wogglebug is a 265 Source of Uncertainty (uh...I might have that backwards). The Borg is the LPG and the Boogie will function as one also. Edit to add and the Waveform City is a MARF!

Put another another way, it's four Bananalogue VCS, um, plus some VCAs and clever patching to get the Quad/OR? I'm not sure about that, the VCS runs to completion with every trigger, it won't restart with another trigger sent in mid-cycle. I can't figure out if that matters.

Put another another another way, it's two Serge DSGs and...I have no idea if you need anything else, but you'll get at least another half a panel if you buy it from Rex :)

For a circuit type I'd never even heard of until 2 years ago, there sure are a lot of different types of it available on the market!
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Post by Muff Wiggler » Wed Jul 16, 2008 10:44 pm

voltage controlled slopes as a general concept is fascinating, because ultimately, everything is about controlling the slopes of voltage...

but yeah, i've always seen a huge buchla influence in Wiard - although i've never quite examined it as closely as you just did....fascinating stuff!

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