help needed to setup my gear

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help needed to setup my gear

Post by Jaypee » Mon Jul 04, 2016 12:27 pm


I need some advices from more advanced people to setup my gear properly.

Here is my modular setup right now (the first 2 rows only atm).

Vermona drm1 mkIII (non triggered version) sequenced by ableton/push via midi
I loooove Push. But i can't find a similar way to sequence the vermona without using the computer without loosing my workflow.
It must be a xox sequencer (korg electribe?) with a swing function (thought about Future Retro Swynx?), midi velocity and must be synced to my modular...
Plus I'm wondering how do you do in a modular world when you want to move your clap (for instance) forward or backward from the grid?
So easy with Push but with modular, I have no idea how it can be done.
I like to move my rhythm sample away from the grid.
Maybe I should keep Push to programm my drums?

Im planning to buy a CV sequencer (probably an er-101) clocked from Alyseum ms 812 to play with furthrrr, enveloppe etc
If you think any other modules would be needed to this starting setup, please tell me ☺

Looking forward to read you,



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Post by Robscorch » Mon Jul 04, 2016 1:21 pm

Drop the idea of proper and think more like work flow. Put combos close together so you don't have to drape cables over everything. Also the modules you tend to put your hands on more should be either like on the bottom or perhaps in a skiff by them selves eventually. You have to drop the idea of correct there really is no such creature in the modular world. It's whats correct for you at the time.

Your set up looks nice I would recommend more utility and an Manhattan Analog MVP should be in order. I would also say maybe a few small filters would be nice. Bastl Cinnamon comes to mind and maybe a Thomas White dual low pass gate would add some nice spice kick it up a notch. :tu:

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