Korg Odyssey LFO/ADSR Retrigger Behaviour - WTF!

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Korg Odyssey LFO/ADSR Retrigger Behaviour - WTF!

Post by Broadwave » Sun Oct 04, 2015 1:45 am

Does anybody here own BOTH an original ARP Odyssey AND the new Korg version? If so, please help confirm this problem - It's driving me nuts :evil:

On the original, set the LFO REPEAT (ADSR) to on, and play a few notes. You should get an initial trigger from the keyboard followed by triggers from the LFO, all nicely in sync (the LFO cycle is reset with every key press) enabling a psudo step sequencer effect when playing melodies. Hey! Instant Georgio Moroder, right? :yay:

Now try it with the Korg, and tell me what you think. :hmm:

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