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Post by Rex Coil 7 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:21 pm

unrecordings wrote:Looks very much like the WHOIS registration info is fake

I love 'features of cynthia macintosh' on the tech talk page

I would delve into the contact form, but don't fancy the potential consequences

Edit: Also looks like a lot of the text was poached from wikipedia, google translated into whatever language, then translated back into english

Edit Again: And I just remembered that wasn't even her real name :hmm:
It's either "Brett" or "Brent", can't quite recall. Sometimes that person has been known to use both monikers.

EDIT: It is Brett Webster.
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modcan A

Post by euu3 » Sat Feb 10, 2018 11:02 am

Modcan A modules are my favorite so far. I did start off with cynthia, and still have some, but all of the modcan modules have beautiful structure and complexities/ ventures of their own. way more solidified compared to cynthias, and essentially different than the major basis of modular styles.

I would feel more comfortable with serge also, but most modules are done in a multi-module board, which inevitably is too high priced for myself... (im a broke lil boy.. :((( ) :despair:

ehh, eventually i have a more complexed multi-style banana jack basis.

and i couldnt handle if they werent banana jack basis. thats what ive been using for the past decade and although most 'musical instrument connections' have a ground necessity in their connection, with modular synth i feel its a deeper and more direct alteration of the movement of electrical current .... etc-

and more etc.
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