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Post by ersatzplanet » Wed Mar 14, 2018 12:39 pm

DubRules wrote:If you dont care about looks, just dig the frets out of a cheap bass. Its not as hard as you think and the results are the same thing you would pay a lot more for. Alternately, just buy a new fretless neck for a bass you already own. Fretless is fun, but Im glad I didnt invest heavily in it. I use mine for a buzzy sliding bass noise and it works well..!
I did this to my EB-0 but only 1/4 of it. I just removed the frets from the octave dots to the bridge but but them in half so the fretless is only on the D and G strings on the high octave. The idea was fretless leads. I was young and stupid and seldom use them since I got the Ashbory but it did work.

As for the string thing - I use round rounds on my EB-0 (Roto Sound)and they are digging into the frets so I imagine that the neck would be trashes pretty easily by them. On the Ashbory the strings are silicon. After you talc them they are pretty slippery but I am used to the rubber band feeling of them anyway. I found a company that makes silicon gaskets that are mechanically the same as the stings and come in all the diameters needed - in 100foot rolls!

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Post by popvulture » Wed Mar 28, 2018 7:36 am

A band mate scored a MIM fretless J Bass on Reverb—they seem to go for pretty damn low prices, like around 300 bucks. The one my bud got is very well built, sounds great. Has the lines. Don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want the lines, haha :yay:
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