Minor Problems with BMC011 Wave Animator

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Minor Problems with BMC011 Wave Animator

Post by mightycoco » Tue Feb 11, 2020 6:25 am

Hi Guys,

built a BMC011. When an Signal is connected, it works perfectly. Sounds great and phat. However, if nothing is connected to IN but the OUT is going to the mixer, there is an oscilating signal jumping from rail to rail (haven't checked with an osci, yet). The speed of it changes when changing the speed of the LFOs. Tried pulling the input down to ground, when nothing is connected, but that didn't help.

Anyone has this module and is this normal? I mean, usually you go VCO->BMC011->VCA and trigger the VCA with an envelope - so a direct connection to the mixer isn't intended for this module, but still. Is that normal?


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