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Eurorack Modular Planner
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Author Eurorack Modular Planner
Hi all,

The Eurorack Modular Planner is a Flash based online utility to plan out your eurorack modular systems. It incorporates as many Eurorack manufacturers as I'm aware that exist. I've tried to make it as simple to use as possible with most buttons having tooltips appear in the top display when you hover over it but below are some common Q 'n' A's

Q. How do I delete a module?
A. Click on a module you have added and press SPACEBAR.

Q. How do I add/remove cables.
A. Use the 4 coloured squares below the manufacturer listing to add that coloured cable. As with the modules click and press SPACEBAR to remove the cable. Note: Cable are NOT remebered when you leave the planner so take screenshots of any patches you want to save.

Q. I load up the planner and no list of modules are showing on the left or the screen is dark.
A. This could be due to Flash asking for more storage space for the planner, scroll the browser to the right and check to see if there is a little box popped up and click allow. If you still experiance errors unfortunately you may have to entirely clear your browsers cache and therefore loose your layout and start again.

Q. I cant see a price or this or that data for x module.

A. The data was probably not available at the time it was added and I haven't been arsed to add it since (if it is available). Pricing data should be used as a guideline only as they are subject to change and I cant keep check on 400+ modules.

Please bear in mind I am not a professional programmer so there will be weird bugs and goings on Mr. Green , you will have to live with it as is. Harsh eh? twisted I do want to implement a lot of features and reprogram the entire thing but have not yet had the time yet beyond module updates which I try and do about once a month.

!! Manufacturers take note!!

I dont come to the forums as much as I'd like to (hides) so to make things a little easier for me to update with new modules please email me as many specs and a hires (face on) picture of the module(s) you want me to add and i'll update it in the next monthly update. If you wish to send your pictures to me with the correct size I use the following dimensions (Width = 8.5pixels * HP : Height = 220 pixels), Jpg format at around 60% compression. Email the whole bundle to the address below. The site gets around 8000 visitors a months so its worth your while submitting the accurate data.

Please report any bugs or suggestions for video additions to me at contact {@} modularplanner {.} co {.} uk

Welcome! Thanks for the links-- I'm not a Euro user (frac for me at this point), but that's a great bit of flash work. Awesome to be able to lay Euro modules out and get their prices on the fly. I've used photoshop and drawings of the modules for my layouts (see the blog in my signature below for some of the pictures), but this is a WAY faster, cleaner-looking interface. Now I want one for Frac!!!

Thanks again!

Oh, and awesome user pic lol lol
Glad you like it.

What manufacturers do the frac designs? Be glad to do one somewhere down the line.
Muff Wiggler
wow, that would be amazing! i'm really jealous of the planner for euro users - it's so cool! great work

here's a list of companies manufacturing in frac format:

Wiard 1200 Series
MOTM 1xxx Series
Bananalogue Frac Series
STG Soundlabs Frac Series
Cynthia Frac Series
Livewire Frac Series

cheers 8)
I shouldnt of opened my big mouth, didnt realise there were that many razz Well the eurorack version is coming along well so we'll see, its been a few months work though.

edit:lol just noticed my title, nice.
Muff Wiggler
a lot of those manufacturers have very few Frac modules though...

Livewire has one, MOTM has 4, Wiard has 5, Synthasonic currently has 2, STG has 4, Cynthia has 2, Bananalogue has 4

and I don't think anyone would hold you to it...or would be in a hurry!
modularplanner wrote:
Most of the Doepfer users here are probably aware of my Flash version on the Doepfer website.

I used it just recently, it was a big help.
Thanks a bunch!
modularplanner wrote:
Is there any I have missed ? I might post a version of it by the end of the week but it will only have a 2-3 of the manufacturers as its take quite a while to gather all the data and pictures.

Awesome Andy! Yes, I believe you forgot Livewire for euro.
ah yeah i forgot to put livewire on the list, but it is in.
Hi again,

OK here is a sneak peak:

Still a bit of work to do. The following should be working.

Analogue Solutions
Plan B
Edit: Analogue Systems now added.
Edit : Cwejman now added

The rest of the manufacturers seem to be busy and have not supplied me any module graphics yet, although they have said they will sort them out.

There will be the odd "oddity" probably, not really gone over everything thoroughly to check for tiny hiccups until everything is in.
Update :

Standard and Monster versions are now ready and waiting. There are still some manufacturers missing but you got a nice chunk of em now.

Feature wise its pretty well done, I've added module tooltips to help identify things when the racks get busy.

Please report any bugs but not the one about the modules overlapping lol. I cannot do collision detection right now cos I'm a thicko' cry

Have fun
How do you remove modules once they've been selected?
Not sure if your the chap who emailed me last night, but just in case you need to click the module you want to remove (to select it) then press the red button next to the corresponding module.
No, I did not email you.

This is an awesome app, though. It'll be great once the other manufacturers are added so I can figure out what else I can put in my case.
Thanks. glad its coming in handy.

How would you all prefer the modules to be removed. I think mostly people will just get used it lol but I dont mind adding an alternative.

Possibly click module then press Delete key?

I thought that just pressing the red button without selecting a module first could get messy if you had multiples of the same module installed, as you may end up removing the wrong one (last one placed).
This is fantastic btw. I'm pretty much 100% Frac right now, but I've been planning out a Euro system, and this will be really useful. =)
I'm thinking of adding a feature where if you press the SpaceBar after clicking on a placed module it will load a chunk of text (or the manufacturers webpage) into a window inside the planner.

Possibly even links to built in samples of the module if enough people can supply me with short mp3 snippets of raw sound snippets of the module in action.

Hell I suppose I could even have inline youtube movies of the modules as there seem to be a few out there smile

What are your thoughts?
Just a suggestion for you, it would be awesome if you could somehow add this feature.

Could you take this planner and turn it into a patch sheet creator? A lot of manufacturers don't include patch sheets with their modules and I've been feeling the burn from that, as I've wanted to get some.

From what I can tell it shouldn't take too much more editing to accomplish... but I'm not a programmer. All you'd need to do is allow the user to save the current planner as a local file, an image that is expanded enough to fit on a standard sheet of computer paper. I think you'd also need to replace the knob line positions on the modules (replace with generic circles or simply remove the line?) so we could fill in our own. Otherwise, it isn't too far a stretch from what you have now, and it would really increase the usefulness of the app.
It's actually something I've wanted to do from the start and is AMAZINGLY HARD lol

I want users to be able to save layouts and have a kind of online patching system to share with others its just beyond my abilities right now.

Possibly I could figure out a print button that takes just the rack area and dump its to paper though, no idea of what the quality will be like as some modules are jpg and some flash vector images.
I was wondering what each of you people are doing with the planner?

I started to build my system in it, because I want to change the layout and make it better suited to my workflow, but because it does have a save function yet do you rebuild your layout each time or am I missing something here.


Chuck E. Jesus
a100user wrote:
I was wondering what each of you people are doing with the planner?

i pretty much just buy mods and stick them where there's a space smile i may try to use th MP though, i have to change some things around soon...
That's what I've done. Once the first wooden cab was layed out everything else is pretty much all over the place and it's not very efficient, lots of long patch leads.

So.... I cant get the modular planner to work for me in safari. I cant drag and drop any modules :(

Thats odd. I have safari 3.0.4 here under windows and its working fine.

Are you able to click the module name and see a module appear ?
The MP is awesome. Please do a Frac one smile

Right now I'm dragging images around a giant Visio document and measuring/sizing/aligning by hand.

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