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soundmachines: new home @ Muff !
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Author soundmachines: new home @ Muff !
Hello there,
now that soundmachines got a new house at muff's I would like to give you some more informations about our modules, roadmap and supporting structure.

First of all I do want to thank Muff for the hospitality. This is, to say the least, a place that is really relevant to everything related to modular synths, either commercial and diy.
I am a long-time lurker here, and actually this very site spawned my interest, 4/5 years ago in this exciting aspect of electronic music.

soundmachines is the brainchild of a part electronic developer part musician and a company named SPES, active since 15 years in Italy in the market of research and development of electronic platforms for appliances, industrial automation, home automation and fitness equipment.
Please take a look here:

I am the chief innovation officer there and after some thinking I proposed this new adventure to my partners, that accepted the challenge!

As of today there is already a development team at soundmachines.
We have a main designer (Davide, me), a Project Manager (Samuele) a firmware engineer (Cristiano), a software architect (Luca) and a couple of guys(and girls!) responsible for the hardware design…

We are closing the design of RB1-robotto and we already started the design of the second module RC1-radiostar. At the moment we have a line-up of 10 modules that will be developed one ofter one, or in some cases in parallel (we have a couple of analog only modules, and there we don't need firmware guys!).
If you followed the thread on the eurorack main forum, you will remember that modules are not the only business. Development is under way of a full polysynth. Analog, with a twist.

As you can see there is no website yet. This will start, very basic, in september, and will host the simple shop page, from which you can order products, at least in europe. We will check for distributors in other parts of the world.
We plan to publish videos and sound samples as soon as possible, just to get you interested until shipments… ships! smile

Watch out for next posts here.
Thanks for the attention!
Paranormal Patroler
Welcome and godspeed.
Welcome and good luck!

You give things really cool names SlayerBadger!
infradead wrote:
Welcome and good luck!

You give things really cool names SlayerBadger!

I think that 'the name' it's important! It'll be on the faceplate forever smile
Just now discovered this subforum and I will be checking in frequently!!!
Welcome! w00t I am interested and excited about your profucts! thumbs up

EDIT: LOL! That was a hell of a typo! oops I meant "PRODUCTS" but if you gotz any "profucts" . . . I'd probably be interested in them too! eek! hihi
Excellent! Look forwards to module and synth info...
Thanks to everyone here!
We are pushing it, hope to put an entire family of module out soon!!!
ciao e grazie a voi!
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