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Mattson Mini Modular information
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Author Mattson Mini Modular information
Just thought I'd post this to give a little better picture of how to find information about my products. I've been getting inquiries from people that I just send them a link to the proper page. Hopefully, this will make it easier.

The main web page is basically just a splash page with pointers.

The meat of the material is contained within my WIKI pages. Pix, descriptions, prices, specs, etc.

The WIKI has two basic sections:

The full system, complete modules:

And, The DIY section with boards, wiring kits, convenience parts:

The two sections have pretty much the same info for each module and have links to each other. If you need information about a board but there's not much written about it in the DIY page, odds are I just didn't copy and paste it from the main page. If I didn't, let me know.

There is a link In the second section down on the DIY page that shows my wiring conventions to help with the DIY wiring.


Mattson Mini Modular
MUFF WIGGLER Forum Index -> Mattson Mini Modular  
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