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smallest systems
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Author smallest systems
Throw up some of your smallest systems, little units of modules or assorted tiny/portable euro equipment for all to see.

On my mind currently is starting places, I have a lot of assorted gear and I want to start with tiny euro stuff...

Anyone who wants to share I would be greatful... even just ideas, I'll start...

Planning on the tiptop H.E. containing:

format jumbler
simple attenuator for output to Behringer mixer/ guitar amps...

this will be coupled with Little boy blue from flower electronics/ whatever I can plug into it...
this is my smallest system lol nanners

Cwejman BLD. Small enough?

Naturally, @700 usd it's still more expensive than all but a few other modules in eurorack world.
Oh see I was thinking more just fun weirdo combinations of small amounts of modules that you all would like to see in a little 3 U rack.

@SOFTWIRE SlayerBadger!
I'd hate to see a huge one then...
Jason Brock
Here's where I'm at right now:

And I'm sort of having a modular crisis. I'm thinking to myself that I've spent over $1600 so far in the past year and a half (I'm cheap and it takes me a while to save up for modules) and I'm playing the "I could have had a ____ instead" game. For example, I could have had a Serge Creature instead (well, almost...PSU and case would be extra). Seriously, Serge is calling my name while I sleep. It's a little creepy.

Euro gets expensive and big faster than you think.
I don't ever want to wind up with 12U of Euro at this price (I've even avoided the expensive modules) so I'm seriously contemplating hitting the rewind button and selling it all. Wait, what was your question again? Sorry. Dead Banana
@ Jason:

That is the question, I am cheap too, or soon will be forced to be because I will be in school and on a stipend so I am wondering what a you all,

people who have been messing with simple patches that produce a lot of non linear effects/ patches that don't need to be sequenced to be interesting,

find to be interesting in terms of mini-systems.

This is more theoretical, for instance I am into the MATHS because it looks like it can be programmed to do a bunch of different crap. I am into the wogglebug because it has multi-functionality... combine those two with a VCO or two and it seems like interesting things could be afoot.
I could see this being fun:

dark energy
Someone here posted a picture of a beautycase containing a Tyme Sefari+TSOT and a Wogglebug a long time ago.

That must be the PERFECT mini setup.

I have been haunted by that idea for a long time, but never tried it myself... hmmm... need another TS...
johnnywoods wrote:
I could see this being fun:

add a maths to that and we are getting a very serious small system, imho... if you are going for a synthesis-only route..

i like the FSU aspect of my modular too much..
Rod Serling Fan Club
If I only had 3U/90hp to work with and can include a couple yet to be released modules. I would probably do something like this:
johnnywoods wrote:
I could see this being fun:

I like the way you talk.

this is where i'm heading. add in a dual vca and fun times will be had.
Doepfer ribbon or FOH joystick
Cyclebox or Piston Honda or Morphing Terarium or Hertz Donut or AFG or Anti-Osc.
Dual VCA.

Or many just a Piston Honda and nothing else.
This is my current 84hp laptop modular....designed for couch usage when the big modular is in lockdown (big modular is located in the nursery ).

this is my smallest system lol nanners

Damn that is sweet. What case is that?
Scaff wrote:

That was actually my first thought as well... ;o)

The Maths-QMMG combination is ridiculously powerful in a small system (or, well, in any system really, but in a small system the flexibility that gives you is just great)
here's two setups that look fun in 84HP

the first row, all the modules cost £70 or under. no idea what it would sound like but it would be fun playing.

the second one- well i'm sure that someone's tried that setup (although probably with ModDeMods rather than ModDeMixes). the only thing its missing is a Filter or two though...[/img]

The symmetry on the bottom case is pretty interesting. I actually had thoughts about that, building something symmetrical that would almost play itself.

@ Scaff and Rydan:

What is the HD? and how impossible is it to get a QMMG, it seems like everyone on this board raves about them, not sure why MN wouldn't want to make more...
HD= The Harvestman HertzDonut
HD= harvestman hertz donut. I feel like a used Qmmg pops up just about every week, but tend to get snagged within minutes of being posted. Word on the street is that it was too time consuming/expensive to produce since every unit had vactrols with matched responses yielding lots of rejects. So now we are getting the timbremixer a 2 channel lpg and then a separate makenoise filter.

Ah, easy enough. Yeah that looks like a good little set-up, the choices are sort of limitless, it is a little daunting.

For instance, that Doepfer case that hawklord put up, it looks super simple, and it is all doepfer modules but I can envision some of the noise that would come out of it.

I know I mightbe barking up the wrong tree here but part of what started this is the little boy blue's particular compactness of functionality. It is a totally tiny box, and simple on top of that, but it is just filled with sounds. Hoping I can limit myself in euro and find an experience like that.

Damn that is sweet. What case is that?

it is one i built using some roadcase parts, 30" vector t struts, and power one supplies. Some day it will be full in like 3-5 years lol
This is my little live-case.

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