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BugModular FAQs
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Author BugModular FAQs
Tom - Sorry if I missed this anywhere, but in addition to the 1/8" modules, will you also be doing separate banana modules along the way apart from full systems?
The Bugbrand history thread got me wondering... Since you're obviously busy with the new modular, are there any plans to go back and do any more runs of the Bugcrushers or AudioWeevils?

Sorry for the slow reply -- been all around the country the last 10 days..

True - very busy with the modular work! The general output has been quite low the last few months as I've had to go back to just working alone (no helper) - hoping this may be about to change which would give much more scope for i) more production ii) more development!

I've got a new standalone BugCrusher design in the pipeline - though, as always, I wouldn't hold you breath just yet.
AudioWeevil ideas are pretty much shelved for now though if I am able to get through the BugCrusher and further Modular designs I would like to bring out something new - wouldn't be likely before the tail end of the year though most likely....

Cheers for now,
any new batch of modules coming through in the future???
future modules:
Ensure +-12v compatibility.
-> larger market.
-> more win.
-> more cool bugbrand shit.

much love!
I'm still pretty swamped by the 'regular' initial-12 systems (plus the ongoing developments) so still nothing is really worming out for general availability.

Good point Wetterberg (although it seems hard enough for me just to deal with the small numbers I'm working with at the moment..)

Good news, though - I've just got a new helper started so hopefully this will free things up somewhat over the coming months.

A helper applause

get 10 more.....and make me a system please hihi
any news/update about availability?

would like sign to this sect smile
Not much, I'm afraid -- the core group are still keeping me more than busy. I may do a few one-off, complete 1Frame Systems early 2011 but doubt I'll be taking on any bigger customers for a few months - partly I'm still redoing old designs to bring them to rev2 production versions and also I seem to have quite a few new designs worming out.

I would say sign up to the mailing list, but I haven't done a modular mailout for a few months as there hasn't been much public info/news!
Yeah i still wish there was an option bo buy a whole system.
i understand this attitude but the same... this is a very hermetic core group people project only. all discusion and test is all around the same people... don't you think making it more accesible might give few more ideas or maybe even make it better?

it's your project and of course it's only up to you how you would like to distribute it but if the reason for is just huge interest that keep you more then busy why don't you just start sign in for next production - as with monome... i remember i was waiting for monome 256 long time but knowing i will be able to get it made it less painful.

i'm looking for your amazing modular system for a long time and just start to doubt if i will be ever able to have it :(
^ Sign up for the mail shot, I was after a Bugbrand system for a long time, signed up and after a while it paid off, it is very much worth the wait, but to get on the bus you gotta be in the queue.

I understand your frustration, but all good things come to those who wait, for want of a better cliche.
One difficulty is that there is a constantly shifting basis - both meaning i) that I've been updating modules to rev2 versions along with introducing several new designs & ii) that the systems I initially thought would be small have generally tended to expand quite considerably.

There are somewhere around 20+ systems around the world now - most off these (in the initial 12 particularly) started off with an aim at 2Frame setups, but most have expanded up (hence my recent larger end-cheeks). Even the few 1Frame setups I released half a year ago and which I had totally meant to stay constrained as single frames have ALL expanded considerably.

We've got plenty of ideas within the system & users, that's for sure! And I've never been happy taking pre-orders (with or without pre-payment).

I wish I could just whip out a few more complete setups and increase availability, but it just isn't going to happen anytime soon. Sorry!
steady as she goes thumbs up

picked up a rack from consumed in anticipation of building up a banana bugmodular piecemeal. godspeed sir!
Really really thinking about snagging one of the remaining wavefolders in minijack, and modding it for nanna wink
I think you'd find it pretty hard to convert - certainly not like the older rev.1 modules which were a total breeze to convert.

I'm pretty sure I can't at the moment spare any banana Wavefolders but reckon I'll get more PCBs shortly so maybe there'd be a possibility to supply to people already running BananaFrac systems (the problem around this area would be if people without a system purchase these modules - at the moment I can't support further system users - that's really why I don't tend to make the banana modules more 'generally' available.)
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