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Music Thing Chord Organ tracking problem
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Author Music Thing Chord Organ tracking problem

Ive just finished my second Music Thing Radio Music/Chord Organ build. I have been using the first one I built for a while, though mainly on Radio Music mode.

I am having a lot of trouble getting the Chord Organ to track v/oct properly. I have tried with different root cv ranges (not only 38 and 39, bu done the whole 30 till 40, not really knowing what the numbers mean, but definitly a bit tedious to go back n forth with the sd card into the computer and back into the module...).

I am testing this with a midi to cv converter receiving midi from Ableton and a midi keyboard, as well as from MN Rene, my Microfreaks cv out and a quantizer with an offset (I am trying to test with as many options as I can). So the problem is it will work sometimes, and by playing a standard C major scale I do get all the notes working properly, but if I play the scale again, same keys, etc it gets all jittery and offtune, some keys play the same notes, there are note jumps, ... Just trying to play c d e f g a b c b a g f e d c gives different results every time i go through the scale. I am assuming the build is working, as I have tried the Radio Music software and its working as expected, as well as burning Chord Organ into my old Radio Music (which has worked properly since day 1), and I am getting the same results. It is difficult to replicate as its very inconsistent, but it happens every time I test the module.

Is this a known issue? I am trying to use the module more as an oscilator than as a chord machine, so maybe thats the problem? This are my current settings


1 [0,0,0]
2 [-12,0,0,12]
3 [0,7,0,12]
4 [-12,0,7,12]

I want to use it as some sort of quick 5th/power chord generator, and as a standard "mono" oscilator but with stacked notes in unison and different octaves

Thanks in advance!
IIRC Chord Organ was not designed to track 1V/oct. Check the main thread to see if anyone hacked the firmware to fix that:

I know someone also hacked it to allow for multiple banks of chords on the same SD card, which is super useful...though not as much for what you want to do, I guess.
The latest firmware does seem to track 1v/octave. Having different banks of chords could be cool, I guess I could allow to build banks for different scales and just play around with the chords and not the root. But yeah, not totally what I am after, although it could be a nice alternative way of using it.

But yeah, the docs in Thonk as well as people in different threads state the Chord Organ tracks 1v/oct since the latest update, which I am assuming I have as its the one that also adds the 3 banks of waveshapes, and I do have all those.

Thanks for your response, nonetheless
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