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Looking to enhance/switch-up my setup, give me your thoughts
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Author Looking to enhance/switch-up my setup, give me your thoughts
Hey all,

I've been Euroracking for a few years now, but have never quite reached critical mass or made what's felt like a complete instrument yet. I've been running in circles figuring out what I like and what I don't like, and I think I've finally found the perfect balance.

Let's start with what I have:
Current Setup

And then look at what I'm considering:
Prospective Setup

Here are my thoughts - it took me ages to realize it, but I want the following two things:

1) A classic subtractive voice, with a range somewhere between an SH-101 and an MS-20.

2) A decent number of modules that encourage hands-on interaction with the instrument in a way that directly and noticeably impacts the sound.

Regarding the first desire, I've selected two analogue oscillators, to keep it predictable, but still interesting, by way of potential juxtaposed tunings and FM/Sync interactions between the Dixie II to the Dixie II+ through the uVCA II. The Beast's Chalkboard helps make this juxtaposed tuning more quick and hands-on - better than stopping everything and tuning by ear to change FM ratios, etc.

The Amplitude will provide a nice master VCA with optional (and probably soon-to-be-much-abused) saturation/distortion.

For SH-101 territory, I'd use the Polaris, and for MS-20 territory, I'd use the Wasp Filter. For fun, I'd use both, e.g. a sweeping notch on the Polaris into a modulated Wasp for character and bite.

Noise can be provided by the Wogglebug - it's not a huge item on my want-list anyway, and I'd try more creative means of gunking up the signal, tbh. Probably involving the Wogglebug slightly irregularly tracking input signals.

Regarding the second desire, I've gone with some modules I've been eyeing for some time - namely, the Tempi, the Mimetic Digitalis (drool), and the Clep Diaz.

I think the Mimetic, Clep, Wogglebug, and depending on the patching situation, even the Dual ADSR, would all benefit from an immediate, hands-on rate control by way of the Tempi - it's just so slick with clock div/mult duties.

The Mimetic Digitalis is probably the most performance-friendly, hands-on-encouraging compact sequencer I've seen in my travels. It's basically the Korg Minilogue's 4-channel knob recorder, combined with a robust and quickly mutating step sequencer. For these reasons and more, I'm pretty adamant about it, and probably won't budge on it.

The Clep Diaz is clever, useful, and small, for LFO duties.

The Dual ADSR is my favorite envelope I've used yet - snappy or smooth, and no-fuss.

The Wogglebug can breathe some organic life into patches.

And seeing as the Yarns' sequencer will become redundant and wanting, compared to the Mimetic, the size is unjustifiable imo, and I've decided to replace it with the uMIDI. I don't have any real need or desire for any features I'd lose on the Yarns, tbh.

And lastly, the Disting mk3 held a lot of promise, but I found I couldn't remember how any of the modes functioned (or where they even were) without the manual, save for the LFO. I won't miss all the bells and whistles, seeing as they were often hidden behind a manual that broke my flow.

NOTE: These will be enclosed in two 54hp Zissou Lunchboxes, with 1U tiles to take care of buffered multing, VCAs, and signal mixers. I've already got these tiles, but was too lazy to put them in as well. Rest assured, I will have enough VCAs. hihi

ANOTHER NOTE: This instrument will be performed both via Ableton Live 10 Suite, and occasionally, real-time MIDI keyboard, by itself.

So, what's say you? Does this look like a decently fun, hands-on, and robust system of monophonic sound generation?
Aaand already, I'm looking at revising this slightly.

New Idea

I've removed the Tempi, and swapped it for two switches - the 2x2 switch from Doepfer, for variable clocking of the Mimetic and any other module, and the Boss Bow Tie, for switching between different outputs from the Mimetic Digitalis, to allow for more melodic variety. Clocking isn't a big part of this rig, so I figured I'd adjust the setup in acknowledgement of that.

Also, these three switches would be controlled via Pulp Logic Att-Vert modules, which can output knob-controlled CV values.
There are two things that opened up my modular when I was first starting -- The first was a clock divider and a euclidian trigger source. You actually have that in Yarns. Add a Doepfer A-160 or A-160-2 and you'll get even more milage.

The second turning point for me was a Turing Machine and a quantizer. You're lucky in that there are a lot of shift register or Turing Machine like modules now out there (and you don't have to DIY them). My personal favorite is Marbles which combines both a shift register, quantizer, and various gate sources into a single module.

As for your rack, I really like the A-150 ... such a simple module with lots of possibilities. Also, even though I haven't used one yet, lots of people I know really like the Mimetic. DTM is a must for subtractive voices and mixing VCO's. I never really liked the Wogglebug considering the cost, but it still ends up in my patches somehow.

I'd personally recommend a Disting over a Beast Chalkboard ... The very first algorithm on the Disting is a precision adder with octave switching and they cost nearly the same. Plus, you get a ton of other great functions out of the Disting to experiment with.
My first thoughts were:

- switch Beast`s Chalkboard and Dixie II for another Dixie II+ and a Happy Nerding FM aid. This way you get TZFM for your VCOs and filters plus octave switches on both Dixies for that FM ratios.

- switch the uVCA and the WMD amplitude for a quad mixing VCA like, well, the Intellijel QuadVCA, MI Veils or MI Blinds. Keep the MA mix for that discreet vintage sound.
If you want hands on control, a joystick module or something similar is a great choice. I had a Soundmachines LP1 a little while ago and can vouch for that, or the intellijel joystick looks nice too.
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