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Bitbox fun
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Author Bitbox fun
Havent had enough time to dig into the bitbox which I recently acquired but am slowly getting to know it. I was pleased when I realized I could pretty easily record an entire patch to a specific length of bars, put it in slicer mode and use a clock divider to switch bars every so often. I ended up recording a bunch of sine waves sequenced with the Turing machine (used as a slowly changing random sequencer) and quantized through the O + C. Recorded a few chunks of different sine waves being sequenced and then unpatched some of it and built another patch around it and was able to record this in a take more or less: [s][/s]

Still a new idea and a bit half baked but I am excited to be able to get this sort of complexity without overdubbing in the conventional sense. I imagine I'll be able to do some cooler things that are a bit more dynamic with it in the future. The Bitbox, Turing Machine, and Ornament and Crime are quickly becoming staples. Excited to develop these ideas further.

I also make more noise and generative music with the same setup and in the future I see some sort of CV recorder/looper and a morphagene taking this workflow in a very strange direction.

The one thing I haven't really figured out is how extensively you can really edit a sample in bitbox. Need to spend more time with the manual. Anyways, just a 3am eureka moment and had to share into the abyss of the internet with people who know what an "ornament and crime" is. Hah!
Sounds good man!
Those are great sounds. I like the track in your signature to.

Great patch idea. How many channels are you using in the Bitbox?
I approve of the song title and the sound. Dope stuff!
Thank you. I can't remember how many channels were used. Maybe 4? Basically switched octaves / sequences on the same patch and recorded a few takes into bitbox. Still getting to know the Bitbox. I think each one had about three sine waves then I patched more of a lead voice with a phase locked loop, Maths slew, Sea Devils filter, delay etc over it. Been experimenting with different iterations of this idea for the past week or so making things which might bring Terry Riley to mind. Haven't had as much time as I would like to record something that I feel really takes the idea to its fullest... Hoping to add some kind of routing matrix to send different sequences, cv and gates different places and a morphagene in near future.
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