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Buchla 500 broadcast from 1975!
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Author Buchla 500 broadcast from 1975!
I periodically go diving through the dark recesses of the internet to see what information I can find about cool old instruments.

Just this morning stumbled across this series of recordings! The title suggests it's a launch for the Music Easel, but it's actually a party/broadcast centered around a late version of the 500 (the one that wound up in Oslo), along with interviews led by Charles Amirkhanian.

There's not a lot of info about these instruments out there, and this has some fun explanations from Doug/Lynx Crowe, Allen Strange, Max Mathews, Don—quite the cast of characters.

It includes a lot of cool thoughts and sounds—including original music performed by Allen and Pat Strange, and original material by Don! Amazing to hear some of what this instrument could do at the hands of the people so close to its creation. Enjoy!
Thanks for this Ryan!! Looking forward to hunkering down with this w00t w00t
Excellent find ryangaston. Thank you much!
Other Minds has a bunch of interesting things!
Thanks for the heads up on this (and reminding me about the OM archives!!!).
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