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200e and Clones
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Author 200e and Clones
Tried to search the forum as good as possible with Google and going through the timeline, but couldn't find a thread with an answer. So sorry if it is a double post.

I have a 12U clone system (207R, 257R, 258V, 259R, 266R, 275R, 281R, 291R, 292R, Pendulum/Ratchet, MUC-810 Midi) started when it was nearly impossible to buy Buchla during the end of the BEMI era.

So now I'd like to expand into 200e territory with a 206e (replacing the 207R), a 223e and a 250e). Maybe I also gonna get rid of the 810-MUC Midi, because I don't want to use external Midi anymore, only clock from time to time.

I recall the problem of the 225e, which i wanted to purchase at that time, but doesn't output proper 1.2V/Oct, so it's not usable with clones. Some of you might be familiar with.

Do i run into similar problems with the 223e and 250e and clones? Maybe with transposing or quantizing functions?

Any users have troubles mixing clones and 200e?
I mix all the stuff together. but don't have any memory.

I think the 281r V1 needs something special for trig but
if they are the clones, mine were really easy to get to track
perfect 1.2v per octave.

as for my 261e that is not the case,
its way tougher to keep that thing in tune.

mixing has been fine for me.
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