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Rogan Medium Unskirted
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Author Rogan Medium Unskirted
This is just an idea/phantasy floating in my mind.

I have a small 200 clone system and now with Buchla finally more or less easy buyable again I want to expand into the 200e world. Being a bit of a purist it's gonna be all Rogan knobs I guess.
Replacing the medium sized Selco knobs with small unskirted Rogans always takes away a little of the magic aesthetics of the modules (and ergonomics!) I think.

Wouldn't be a medium-sized unskirted Rogan knob be perfect (like the ones for example on the easel master volume, just unskirted). I don't have the diameters in mind tough.

Would a medium-sized unskirted Rogan technically possible? Maybe a shop who sells Rogans could arrange that. I guess there would be enough people that would buy them.

Anyway that's just an idea that came up in my mind, in the end it's about music and not knobs.
The Verbos Multi-Delay uses a larger unskirted Rogan but I don't know a place to get one.

Rogan lists six different sizes for the unskirted range:
Rogan's minimum order qty is 500 pcs for a single size/color, and IIRC they'd be about $3 each wholesale at that quantity. If you could drum up enough customers I bet one of the people already doing Rogan orders would supply them.
If you just need a handful, drop Marc Verbos a mail .
A pity the medium ones are not like the small ones where the skirt breaks off easily , which is what we do for encoders.
Aren’t the Selcos d-shaft compared to Rogans being round shaft? It might be more work to swap them than you think.

Related- anyone know of a source in the US for Selcos?
Interesting ideas.

The ones on the Verbos Multi-Delay look good, might drop Marc a mail.
Also removing the skirt is a nice idea. Just cut off the skirt with a saw and maybe spray-paint on a marker.
Trying to convince a Rogan dealer would be another option.

The Selcos are d-shaft, but I already replaced the Selcos on my Pendulum/Ratchet. It worked quite well, knob might end up slightly off-center, but i never noticed.
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