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216r question
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Author 216r question
Hi all,

For the 216r, on the right hand section, are the row a and row b output voltages supposed to hold when you release, until the next touch or are they supposed to drop to 0 on each release? Different touch pads exhibit either behavior on mine, so I'm unsure as to what is "correct". Pulse outs on the right hand section are working fine.

Actually, I'm testing this as I type and on some keys the voltage holds and on others it resets upon release to whatever voltage level is set by the right most knob in that row.

Which seems odd.

Any help at all appreciated
A and B voltages should definitely hold after release at the values of the key most recently pressed. There are some calibration notes hiding in the DIY sub forum, maybe I can hunt down a useful link...
Maybe some thoughts here could be of use? b298cbc86b8773029b13390
Thanks for confirmation of correct behavior.

I posted on that thread, though it seemed that the calibration was about gates getting stuck high, not my issue.

I've worked around similar issues with ribbon controllers - it's the sort issue you can work around using short envelope decays or a responsive track and hold, but I'd really like to fix the root issue.

Just to close the circle here, yes that single calibration trimmer per touchpad needs to be adjusted just so, such that the pulse releases properly, but the new new voltage level is latches and held.

All calibrated and working fine.
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