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Serge Wilson Analog Delay video with clean delay?
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Author Serge Wilson Analog Delay video with clean delay?
I have a misbehaving WAD (in a Sturm und Drang panel) that someone is taking a look at for me. It's passing audio, but super mangled even with all knobs at normal positions and no CV.

Does someone have video or audio of a WAD doing a clean echo or chorus or flange?
We'd like a reference to know what it should sound like.

Sweeping the delay knob or CV on mine does produce some chorus sound underneath the mangled sounds. I think the clock or s/h has gone bad in some way. It would be helpful to have an example of what one should sound like.

The cleanest videos I've found so far are here: -analog.html

Mine currently sounds nothing like that.

Most people are posting WAD videos with super cool CVs going, that make it hard to understand how it should sound w/o modulation smile
The reverberation echoes in this video are primarily from the WAD in the Animate I used to have:

I hope it helps!
Thanks, that's what I was looking for.

Also, nice track! The backwards cymbal sounds like breathing in heavy to me, adding a bunch of tension.
Stacking inputs...?
the bad producer
I'm just testing one now, not a particularly great demo, but just sending it a sequence of fixed freq (at the start at least) sine 'blips' and turning the knobs, also have a random CV into delay from an SSG.

Also was messing around with some volume stuff and tweaking the trimmers, so err, possibly not useful at all, but at least it's just WAD and not in a patch!
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