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Noise Source with 285e
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Author Noise Source with 285e
Hi folks, I had a spare oscillator and an unused 285e in my patch and I wanted a noise source. Tried this and it was great! Timbre knob, frequencies and FM attenuators all had different audible effects. No dead controls. I show it going to the 292e, but in my case I had the 291e in feedback self resonating and I was using this source to FM the 291e channel to get toms, bells, snare, etc.
Great patch, just tried it and got some really interesting, unstable FM feedback results. It's a double-FM feedback loop. I also put the 292e between the FM in on the DPO and the ring out from the 285e, using an attenuated stored random voltage from the 266e to vary the FM index.
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