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Funny anecdote about Rex Probe
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Author Funny anecdote about Rex Probe
From an Eugene Chadbourne interview (more than 20 years ago) :

I heard that somebody smashed up one of your guitars at a concert. What happened?

That was a really awful story. I still haven't really gotten over that. It was a dobro that I really loved. It's being repaired, but the people in San Francisco who are helping with that (some friends who used to work for Gibson) say it's a really complicated repair, so they've sent it to one of the top repair men in Nashville, Roger Fritz. This guy fixes guitars for Fleetwood Mac and so on. So I just have to wait for it to show up. It really pisses me off. (Pause)
At this particular the venue the "artistic director" invited this guy to take part in a kind of improv "round robin" all focused around me, with a lot of ensembles I played with all night. This guy, whose name is Rex Probe, got completely drunk and stomped on my dobro and broke it.

What did you do?

I sat down in a corner with my head in my hands, I didn't know what to do. It was like a car accident for the audience...up until then it'd been a wonderful event, people were really happy and then they were so upset. Everyone was horrified. People were coming up and giving me money--I think I made more money having my instrument broken than playing it! (Laughs) That made me start thinking I should break one every night... The guy bought me a new guitar next day (they went after him, though I don't think he ever sobered up) but I hated playing it. Every time I played it I thought about him, about playing this piece-of-shit guitar because he broke my other one. So I sold it, I couldn't stand having it around. I'm waiting for the other one to be repaired. I'm still thinking about some kind of legal action--I mean, why should somebody do something like that and get away with it? It disrupts everything you do. You know, when I play it sounds violent but I don't break anything. The guitar I was using last night is an old Gibson I used all through the Shockabilly period. I leave it in Amsterdam. I don't fly it back and forth, otherwise the airlines would have fucked it up by now. I don't have a large collection of guitars. I can barely afford to have instruments to play; that's why what this guy did was such a bad thing.
Love Eugene. Drinks is the ruin of all good men. Sad story.
it's from an interview made in '98.

Though drink is not to be fucked with and neither are persons instruments! Reading that again didn't make me all sad...
Far from funny. :(
I mean, that happened 20+ years ago.. And there's always different sides to everything. I think it's totally ridiculous to get sad about THAT..?
Not ridiculous at all, sometime you really only have rapport with one specific instrument.

I keep thinking as well about Thomas Lehn's synthi being stolen, it's not so easy as "get another", they all sound different.

it's like you kill or steal a part of the person as well...
I know, I was just thinking about that few days ago. That just how important an instrument can actually be, I was comparing my Serge to a close relative (might be bit too much, but still...) when a friend accidentally jeopardized it's existence as a working piece of gear by not noticing it and almost stepping on it as it was temporarily lying on ground on it's case... But still...

And no, I wouldn't laugh if mine or someone else's close relative would've gotten brutalized instead of a musical instrument. Even if it was 20 years ago...

And I also do think that losing one's instrument can at the same time be a real tragedy!
very very sad! cry
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