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EvenMidi 3U – Model euEM
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Author EvenMidi 3U – Model euEM

Last year on Sooperbooth people asked us for a Euro version of the Evenmidi rack controller and after a long back and forth we finally made a limited production run .
They match the aesthetics of the Frap.Tools modules (thank you Simone)
There are still a few left so if anyone is interested in getting a 10 channel CV to midi controller with presets for the Eventide H9, Strymon Volante, Kilpatrick Redox , now is the time.

Limited as in when those 10 are gone, it's gone.
We are thinking of making a DIY version with a completely white front panel and overlay stickers in the future though.
Eurorack is small and people like to program their only midi CC sets.
siiiick! ordered!
Added some details on modular grid, Ordnung etc smile
Wow, that go here faster than I expected!

(Yes, it’s a little dusty from the eco-friendly packing peanuts.)

Too bad I don’t own any MIDI cables! A project for tomorrow.
could not resist this. great idea.
lol, yeah , we are still optimizing the packaging smile

if you can , get some angled midi cables if that suits your rack, i find the straight ones a bit bulky.
The module is very dense, the 90 degree ones are least intrusive imho.

My first test of Northern Lights euEM conversion of the EvenMidi to Eurorack. Blasting the H9 with a firehose of MIDI CC messages from three LFOs sent to Delay A, Feedback A and Feedback B on the Pristine Digital Delay preset. Probably not the best way to use this thing, but we’ll see.

Any tips, ArguZ?
Another test:

This time we’re on the Shimmer preset. Simple stupid random sequence, bone dry. Then I bring up the effect return level and it starts to sound more interesting. Then, I unattenuated the CV modulation (sample & hold) for Pitch A, and finally a separate one for Pitch B. You can hear the chorus pitches moving around in the background under CV control.



One thing I’m figuring out is that the iPad app and the EvenMidi don’t much like each other. I think the app keeps trying to override the EvenMidi.
Cool smile

Things to try :
1. Slow sample and Hold into the delay multiplier
2. Delay feedback controlled by LFO
3. Master reverb mix controlled by slow randomness
4. Black hole Gravity animated by CV

And then of course, change one preset bank to Mode 5 : H9 + clock
Then you can use input 9 to sync the delay to a pulse or square LFO and never lose rhythm

I am still preparing the video series shower the H9, Volante, Redox and VSTs
Stay tuned
Wow this euEm is so kool love

I use it with my H9 and i luv it...

We have exactly two left in case anyone wants to get it.
There will be no more after this batch as the module is to complex and expensive to produce as a commercial project.
ArguZ wrote:
We have exactly two left in case anyone wants to get it.
There will be no more after this batch as the module is to complex and expensive to produce as a commercial project.

Thanks for making the ones you did do. Nicely done.
Im in such pain having just discovered this module. Please make more...
Oh man, I soooo wish I could get my hands on one!
Anyone here selling his/hers?
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