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superbooth - visiting the Buchla booth
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Author superbooth - visiting the Buchla booth
On the way back from Superbooth in Berlin where I visited the Buchla booth and saw Eric Fox and Ashley Puente from Buchla USA as well as Tom and Paul from KMR in London.

They had a big (18U) system and a Music Easel on display that is going (part of the good news for the Germans looking for Buchla) staying in Berlin after Superbooth -- Schneidersladen will carry Buchla again.

they were also displaying the Red Panel brand (a company formed between Buchla USA and Catalyst Audio) that does the Eurorack format Buchla 100 modules. (I tried the 158 sine/Saw osc and it sounds very good).

so a tiny booth, nothing substantially new in terms of product, except the most important news: Buchla USA is alive and working hard.

Then there was Sascha Haber (of Northern lights) who showed me some pictures of new cards and h modules that looked rather interesting -- small utilities and enhancements for a compact system.

so while Buchla was a niche in the whole craziness that is Superbooth, it was definitely happening...

I didn't take any pictures of anything, but you can find them everywhere. I just spoke with real people instead..wink
Awesome thanks for the update! I can't say how happy I am that the people in charge seem to care about making things better.
I gotta say, having Eric Fox on board for the current Buchla... is just great! One the key reasons I personally decided to get back into patching/Buchla. Thank you for the update! - Adam
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