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Aion Modular Mini Model 15
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Author Aion Modular Mini Model 15
plogbidman 0SAgAis6WQOYy-jO3CNW671TDQCLcBGAs/s1600/unnamed.jpg

Dead Banana nanners Dead Banana nanners Dead Banana nanners
How cool, been eyeing their stuff lately SlayerBadger!
Any other details other than a picture?

hihi thumbs up hihi thumbs up hihi thumbs up
I saw this on instagram earlier and wondered what it was..
The magic in the Model 15 for me is:
workflow (check)
907A fixed filter bank (maybe not check)

The workflow is mostly the same of course due to the layout, although the big 1/4 inch jacks are nicer to patch than little euro jacks.

The AION 907A does not contain inductors, so it's likely to be the biggest sonic difference to a Moog Model 15.
Would be very interesting to hear a comparison between an AION Model 15 and a Moog Model 15
In case. it really has that look, with all the hardware and is physically stable and does not fall over in use, this might be the cutest modular I have ever seen! I would have it inthe living room with something like the Digitakt. Might be littlt crammed when patched though.
Rex Coil 7
.... it's all going to come down to the sound ....
Rex Coil 7 wrote:
.... it's all going to come down to the sound ....

Don't know - it probably will sound like a Moog. I think it's coming down to physical playability too. If not more in this case. Otherwise one could just get a triple mother, which would also look nice. Or five in this case...
That looks just lovely and by the sounds of it will be much more accessible to the wallet than the same by Moog. Looks the same, sounds the same, perfect!
Rex Coil 7
Virusinstaller wrote:
... sounds the same, perfect!
How is it you know this?
Rex Coil 7 wrote:
.... it's all going to come down to the sound ....

Hello. Agreed, and I am willing to believe that this Aion system has as good a chance of sounding recognizably like the original as anything made today that is not made by Moog.

I'm pretty sure that I never played an early Moog synth. But anecdotally, my Aion 904A VCF sounds like no other filter that I happen to own or can remember ever playing.

It is raw and open sounding. It can produce fine sibilance, but cannot maintain composure in the highest part of its center frequency range. It very much sounds and feels to me like an early implementation of an idea that has yet to be refined, which is exactly what Moog's early efforts were, I believe.

So I assume that if the rest of Aion's line has that characteristic, then it is possible that its aggregate sound is faithful to the early Moog modules.

Anyway, I would like to play this system. Maybe someday...
Now half a year later, I still don't have a Model 15 eurorack system by Aion Modular. But I did just acquire enough Aion modules to make a subsystem of my own:

Aion Modular 921 VCO x2, 904A LPF, 911 EG, and 902 VCA

The VCA has a voice and is sensitive to input level and polarity. The VCOs are stable, and are a delight to play and hear. Their PWM, soft sync, linear FM, and many patching options are noteworthy. The LPF I already had and liked very much; but it came alive in the context of the other Aion modules (not surprisingly). Maybe it's that I was inspired to treat it differently than I did before. Whatever the case, this filter is the beauty and the beast.

For a post-oscillators audio mixer I used DTM, the Manhattan Analog distillation of a Moog CP3 (Console Panel 3) mixer. A sometime favorite of mine, I finally discovered its real power in this Moog-like setup (again, not surprisingly). For attenuversion and further audio and CV mixing I used the Klavis Mixwitch. The Befaco VC ADSR was my second EG, and the Xaoc Devices Tallin my second VCA. Since the two 921 VCOs were in use for audio, the Studio Electronics/Eowave STE. 16 was my LFOs.

Playing the Aion subsystem within some of my larger synth, I easily entered Heldon and early Tangerine Dream territories and went beyond.

My thanks to Club of the Knobs/Aion Modular for enabling this sound and feel in the eurorack format. Though I haven't played all the contenders, I would guess that currently there is no other family of eurorack modules like these Aion ones. And I am baffled by Moog Music's refusal to claim this space as their own.

Here is a study of the Aion modules I just recorded. Although it is truly only a study, I played and recorded it as I would any music I make these days. The Aion VCOs and VCF are the only sound sources per se. Session notes are at the track's webpage. The longer you listen, the more sounds you will hear. I suggest listening to at least the first eleven minutes. (Quotable à la Spinal Tap! smile)

Edit: My Aion-ified rack:
Here is a new piece that features my Aion modules (which modules I am liking very much). It is music this time, not a study.

There is support from other modules, but the two 921 VCOs are the only primary sound sources. They are foremost in the arrangement; plus they are interpreted by secondary sound sources and processors (Morphagene, Clouds, and the Count to 5 pedal). Session notes are at the track's webpage:
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