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Ableton + MIDI CC control of external midi hardware. how to?
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Author Ableton + MIDI CC control of external midi hardware. how to?
i have an external hardware rack mount effect unit
i want to be able to control its parameters, mapped via Midi CC, through Ableton, with a USB hardware midi controller..

I have downloaded a Robert Henke "ControlChange8" Max4Live device which allows this.

it does seem a bit buggy though, for example, my own drawn / input automation doesnt seem to work on the hardware device, yet if i record some physical knob changes via the USB midi controller, into Ableton, this stuff plays back as you would expect.

has anyone else tried to do this or similar, and does anyone know any other ways to output + automate custom Midi CC data via Ableton?


Maybe the « telec » option in the midi préférences ?
ive only done it to send automation which worked quite well (using envelopes in clips like you said).

but check out some of these patches - hopefully they help
the clip automation is not ideal for my needs.
it seems that Max4Live or other 3rd party things are the only options but im sure ill get it happening
Yeah there's a bunch of "MIDI CC Mapper" M4L devices... a lot.

here's a just a few of the ones I've got

I’ve been having the same issue with the drawn automation not working. Weird?
what midi CC tool are you using with Ableton?

i found the following interesting behaviour while using the robert henke Control8 (forget the name) Max For Live device

any midi CC data that i recorded into ableton via a controller or via turning the M4L device knobs with a mouse, after mapping to hardware, worked.
this data plays back as expected

any midi CC data that was drawn into LIVE with curves or angled changes, such as a value change from 0 to 127 over 2 seconds, this data would not work. it would not effect the mapped device parameter.

when you look at the recorded midi CC automation data from a controller or mouse knob turn, that data is is all aliased or rather, its just instant jumps from values rather than animated / value changes over time..

so, instant jump up or down between say, 0 and 10, then holding that value, 10, then jumping to the next change..

im wondering if the stepped / smooth difference is causing the problem with my setup... ?
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