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24ppqn direct from Reason
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Author 24ppqn direct from Reason
Hey all—seems like this has probably been asked but didn’t find anything on the first few searches.

My small/project recording set up is just Reason on a MacBook—>Apollo Twin. I want to get 24ppqn out of one of the Twin’s extra outs, but am not aware of a device or RE that does this directly. I can use Pulsar’s audio out to get 16th note clocking, or even up to 64th notes I think, but no 96th.

I have all sorts of candidates for intermediate hardware solutions, but really wondering if there’s a way to do this direct.

Thanks so much!
i tried all sorts of things in Reason, but eventually shell'd out the money for Silentway plugin suite from Expert Sleepers, since then never looked back.
Rocksteady configurable timing pulse at any ppqn up to: 96

You can check the demo first to see if it works for you!
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