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Extra Bytes in Waldorf XT SysEx Midi file
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Author Extra Bytes in Waldorf XT SysEx Midi file
Hi all,
I've opened up some midi files for the Waldorf XT soundsets that can be downloaded from their website. For example, I was looking at the factory soundset for 1997 named fact9712.mid in a Hex editor. I can follow along how the Bytes correspond with the midi spec but there are two places I'm not sure what is happening.
As it’s a soundset dump the Event type is SysEx (F0) but this should be followed by the manufacture ID which can be one byte or three if starting with 00. What I see in the hex is F0 82 08 3E where 3E is the Id for Waldorf, anyone know what the 82 08 bytes are?
The second place is between the first and second block on SysEx data. There is an end SysEx byte F7 then 12 then the next block of SysEx starting F0 (F7 12 F0) what is the 12 between the SysEx sections? All the sections seem to have this Byte between them.
I've viewed the data being transmitted from SoundDiver and these bytes don't appear. So when sending the soundsets to the XT it shows F0 3E without the 82 08. Is it because I'm viewing Midi in a Hex editor I get these bytes? I'm using the 0xEd editor, haven't tried another one yet.
Well crap, I was gonna tell you to ask at Waldorf's forums, but I can see you already did hahaha. Hopefully one of the actual devs will answer you. Im pretty sure Wolfram still works there. He used to regularly participate in the companies mail list back in the day (those guys spent just as much time on the mail list as they did working!). The XT is his bady so he would know for sure. I checked the sysex docs for it and yeah, I can't find any info about those bytes ether. It should go from the sysex notifier, to the Waldorf id, the device id, then the actual data, then the end byte.
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