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Life in the box. Grass is greener?
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Author Life in the box. Grass is greener?
I 'm focusing on a small strictly curated combo of hardware and plugins. It's great for de-cluttering mind and studio, and freeing up funds for other things. I reasoned like this: how many synths and drum machines do I actually need to make a track? How many tracks a year am I producing? Am I multi-tracking and sampling enough to make the most of my sound sources? Does this hardware sound so good and is so inspiring to use that it justifies costing 10 times the price of a plugin that sounds just as good?

The answer to these questions determined that in fact I had too many synths and drum machines.

Curing myself from GAS and gear fetishism has been a revelation and a relief.

I don' t actually need any more gear! nanners I can at last focus on the music and learning how to mak eth emost of what I have- I no longer have to spend hours trying to figure out what hardware limitations the manufacturer is hiding before I buy something. I'm not waiting around for exotic boutique stuff that may be released "soon" (eg. Radikal and SOMA)

Most electronic music hardware is severely limited and overpriced and just not worth the space it occupies or the hassle of the cables, wall warts, etc.

Boxes that magically produce amazing sounds are addictive- once you get over the wow factor and see them as tied-up money rather than irreplaceable instruments, things get easier. Especially if your bank balance is going down.

The other factor is making the DAW easier to use by investing in control surfaces, a good trackball, a good IPS display and an ergonomic desk setup.

Maybe once i get used to Bitwig I won't even bother with the Cirklon!
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