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Why did you sell your Kyma?
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Author Why did you sell your Kyma?
It depends on your workflow.

The timeline can be tied to midi clock easily.

Standalone sounds can, but the work is greater. It is also less needed because standalone sounds act more like instruments so feeding in midi or other triggers makes more contextual sense.

It is easy enough to a master sync to tempo and then divide those in various ratios.

You can also do sync to external triggers like a pulse clock in many different ways and processs those triggers to create whatever rhythms you’d like.
Kyma really pushed me to think differently about well.. everything i thought I knew about sound design and composition. Theres a point in Kyma where (i found) your workflow begins to have a certain "fluidity" to it.

I got my Paca back in 2017, before I got into eurorack. I feel like Kyma is the closest software analog (pardon the pun) to a hardware modular workflow. In kyma, everything is ultimately numbers, just like in a modular, everything is voltage. once you start thinking that way, you realize you can do weird creative stuff just like you'd experiment in a modular environment. throw a low pass filter on a midi CC stream— add a control in the VCS to adjust the resonance of that filter until it's self-oscillating and see what happens. It's likely to be shit, but you can go there, or anywhere else if you want.

also it's the only environment (euro samplers don't come close) where manipulating pre-recorded audio/samples have a tactile elasticity to them that feels organic—like you're just throwing down a fresh lump of clay on a potters wheel and getting your hands dirty. I love that about Kyma!
^ what he said...
Does anybody knows if there is a plan for hardware update with the kyma. It has been 10 years now from the last. I feel it may be prudent to hold any investment when the life cycle is getting so long.
I suspect one is soon but who knows. I've asked directly but (perhaps understandably) received silence on this. They do have upgrade routes if you buy new from them but not for people like me who bought second hand.
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